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Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what our clients have said about our real estate services....

To protect their identities, we have left out any information that might identify them.  We have clients who are more than happy to provide references for us.  Let us know and we will put you in contact with them.

“Stephen has been our agent since 1993 and has taken care of all our real estate needs. We referred our relatives to him just because he takes care of our needs with his 100% dedication.”   

“My wife and I are first time home buyers.  We saw a house that Stephen’s listings. We did not like the house. However, we loved the way he explain the buying process to us so we asked him to find us a house.  He did. He kept us inform every step during the escrow period. A few years later we called him to refinance our loan because the payment has gone up.  Stephen analyzed our loan and told us NOT to refinance.  He said we have a good interest rate, but most important, our payment increased because the lender added insurance to the payment. We felt that when we call Stephen, we can rely that he tells the truth and is always honest with us.”

“I was referred to Stephen and Irene by a family friend.  She had used his real estate service two years ago.  When I was in trouble and facing foreclosure proceeding, he did his best in his sincere, caring way.  He showed me my options and spoke to me in a plain, down to earth language so I can understand the options. I did not feel any pressure and followed his suggestions. He had gotten me out of foreclosure situation. Mr. Lee had real estate and loan experiences that gave me confidence to let him handle my real estate concerns.  I felt I got respect from him. If you ever need a real estate professional, you should call Mr. Lee. He will answer all your concerns.”

"Mr. Lee is our neighbor. In 1999, Mr. Lee had helped us refinanced our house to lower the payment. In 2003, we refinanced our house again with even lower rate and reduced our payment substantially. We are happy with his service and honesty. We recommended him to our sons who need real estate help. They were happy with his services and results."

"Recently Mr. Lee refinanced my 3 unit property. Before I met Mr. Lee, I went to Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Chase Home Loan to apply for refinance. They denied my application for the loan due to the Bankruptcy, behind mortgage payments and self-employed for about 10 months. I called on his advertisement. We sat down and discuss the options. He was able to obtain a loan for me and cash-out money to fix the units." 

"Mr. Lee was recommended by a good friend of my late husband.  He handled all the paperworks and he got me $20,000 dollars more than the listed price. He is also going to manage my two other units in Pasadena. I make no mistake about hiring Mr. Lee as my agent."